Map Points from Stevie Ray

Map Point – Positive Feedback 3

Map Point – Positive Feedback 2

Map Point – Positive Feedback 1

Map Point – The Power of Repetition

Map Point – Passion and Influence

Map Point – Emotional Granularity

Map Point – Can’t or Don’t?

Map Point – You Are Not Wrong

Map Point – Detachment

Map Point – Collectivist vs. Individualist

Map Point – The Corpus Callosum

Map Point – Acknowledging Fears

Map Point – Male & Female Stress

Map Point – The Golden Rule of Influence

Map Point – The Power of Role Playing

Map Point – Who Needs the Skills of Influence?

I learned more from Stevie Ray in one hour than I have in ten years from other trainers.
Director of Administration | Robins Kaplan Law Firm

The most important factor in determining professional success is the ability to master face-to-face interaction.

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